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New Life Restorations are mould remediation and removal specialists. We are the only cold room cleaning company with a qualified microbiologist on our staff to do inspections of cold rooms.

We have been operating for 10 years in Brisbane and we have the following certifications and affiliations


We have found over the years an increase in clientele in cold room cleaning. Therefore, we have a dedicated service to serve this industry.

Cold Room Mould Remediation


If you have a mould or bacteria problem in your cold room, it is important that there is physical removal of the contamination takes place. Often times we find many other operators have simply spra

yed a “cleaner” on top of the contamination without removing it.

Our Team

Our Microbiologist Matthew Greacon has been working as a scientist in the food industry for over 15 years. He understands the importance of operating in a safe environment and the importance of food safety.

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