How to Remove Mould in Cold Rooms

It is important to make sure you have a healthy mould ecology in your cold room. Improper maintenance can lead to cross contamination of your food and create potential health problems.

To combat against this, there are established procedure that you should adhere to:

The Storage Procedure cold-room-cleaning

  • Have specific allocated storage areas for each lab / department
  • Do not store cardboard or other paper products in cold rooms
  • Label everything
  • Dispose of rubbish outside the cold room, not inside
  • Water leaks must be reported as soon as possible
  • Door must be kept closed at all times
  • Do not use wooden shelves

The Cleaning procedure

  •  All surfaces should be kept clean
  • Document all cleaning
  • Wiping of metal surfaces
  • Clean sink with appropriate solution
  • Always be checking stored items for mould.

What cleaning Chemicals should be used?

  • We find 70% ethanol works well. However, it is important to check with your state laws and procedures.


If you suspect a mould problem which may be causing health issues, it is important to have an environmental specialist do a mould inspection to make sure you are compliant.

Cold Room Cleaning Service

New Life Restorations, offer this service in the SEQ area. Regular cleaning of cold rooms is a requirement, and we can provide this service on regular intervals.

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